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UCR or User Configurable Riser is a riser designed to support your drum rack and other components securely, consistent, with quick setup.

UCR - Drum Risers

“What can I say, Tony is the man for building rack risers. I found his site through ebay and thought this is really something, a riser and rack all in one, what a concept. So I called LEVEL and talked to Tony. As we talked, he told me how the rack riser was constructed. At that point I know I had to have one. I could hardly wait for it to arrive. We began putting it together and to our surprise it went up with ease.

Thanks again Tony”

St. Louis, Mo.

“Tony, Thanks for building the most awesome rack we have ever seen! It has been a pleasure to deal with you. You are a gentleman, artist, and all around good guy. We looked at Pearl, Yamaha. Your rack riser is simply the best and the price is right also! We cannot believe how much sturdier and organized the drums are. They sound twice as loud suspended on the rack. We can't wait to gig these babies. YOU ROCK!!!!!!" 

Sal and Dominick,
New York


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Varies UCR One Down Photos

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